Friend Finder Dating – 3 Reasons to Choose Friend Finder As Your Dating Site

Friend finder dating is one of the world’s leading dating websites. It has over 31 million members, and growing, tons online all the time. If you are looking for a quick hook up, to a serious relationship then you should check this site out. Listed below are 3 great reasons to be using this service.

1. Is a paid subscription site:

Since this is a subscription site, you will get only top quality people to choose from. These are all adults and of legal age all around the world.

2. Only shows info based on level of subscription

There are 2 levels of subscription, gold and silver. The higher the level of sub the more contacts you can make, and the more options you will have to contact different people. Some have videos, but can only been seen by gold members usually.

Some members require you to be the same level or higher to even contact them, so if you want to find a good date, then make sure you have a paid sub in this site.

3. Has an extremely advanced search feature

You can search with a lot of different features:

– race

– religion

– sexual preference

– what kind of date do you want
— 1 night stands
— casual sex
— group fun
— serious relationships
— etc

There is a draw back to this website, and that is the price. The cheapest is silver, if you pay monthly it will cost you around 18 – 20 / month. However, is that to much to ask for when looking for a good time? It’s up to you really.

Now that you have seen the reasons to use a friend finder dating service, you might want to set up a profile today, and see what happens. You will get quality people, looking for all sorts of fun, and with many ways to contact them, there is no telling what might happen.

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